10X16 FINISHED OUT LOFTED BARN, Arkadelphia lot

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This building is new! It is insulated ,wired, and finished with LP smart panel!
It is very nice!
ULB – Urethane Lofted Barn
Siding: Urethane Siding (3/8″ Vertical)
Two Reinforced Lofts on Opposite Interiors Ends
70″ Door Opening
Double Wooden Doors (Optional Fiberglass)
Door Lock and Keys
High End Durable Hinges
Spring Latch Hooks Top/Bottom Left Door
Base: 4×6 Pressure Treated Skids
Roof Material: 30-Year Metal
Flooring: 5/8″ Shed Floor

Original price was: $10,952.00.Current price is: $9,873.00.

$150 Down *

$375.67 @ 60 Months **
$411.38 @ 48 Months
$457.08 @ 36 Months

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** 60 Month includes $10 RTO Assurance Plan Coverage

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